“Please come home, it’s safe here.”


“Baby please come home, it’s safe here.”  Sparrow pleaded with me as I sat up from underneath the goose down comforter. Today was a hard day.  I saw it all happening behind my eyes, falling a bit deeper, always falling and yet never seeming to hit the bottom. Maybe being “cat like” has not served me well.  I have this odd fascination with the idea of being a school teacher in sweaters. I wish I were that… somedays. Simple and uncomplicated wearing twin sweater sets from the fucking Banana Republic, nice, boring and easy with always a pleasant thing to say. It’s not happening, its never happening especially the pleasant things to say. I have yet to come up with any conclusion for all the mini meltdowns that have turned into nervous breakdowns and progressed into I want to die (seriously) episodes. I know it is most likely directly in front of me as it always is. I will play on my weak eyes at the moment, I can’t see it.  Let it be  for the night and have the red ruby haze comfort me softly.  Softly.




~ by applejaxe on December 30, 2011.

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