A BIG thank you to my girl, THEDATINGBITCH for this nomination.  I am truly humbled and happy.  This is my very first award.  Thanks for popping my cherry, wicked sweet way to start  off the day. Much gratitude. XOXXX.

This award comes with rules (doesn’t everything) that are as follows:

The Rules of Acceptance


. Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.

. Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.

. Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.

. Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them

So . . . Seven things about me.

I majored in Literature in college.

My voice is very childlike.

I have sparrows tattooed on the inside of my left forearm.

I think dairy is mucus.

Arm balances are my “thing” in yoga.

I wish I were a faerie, I could easily pass.

I wear glasses . . . sometimes, but need to all the time.



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