Its a strange world I live in.

I am a stripper that has entered into retirement, and I don’t know what the fuck to do.

I am getting married.

I like to read menus.

I was known as the stripper with a heart of gold.

I practice yoga, I love yoga.

I have a cat, bunny and a bird. I love them more then life.

I am a loner.

I hate bad grammar.

I flirt and shouldn’t.

I wear black eyeliner, pigtails and knee socks.

Glitter makes me happy.

I am stricken with a horrible anxiety disorder.

Nobody knows me.

At the moment I am completely obsessed with disco balls, unicorns and roller skates.

Stars make me feel safe.

Chewing gum is a serious pleasure in my life.

I want to save all the animals from any pain and suffering.

I have a fuck you attitude.

I am quite sensitive.


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  1. WHY has no one Liked this yet??? I love this bio…

  2. well thanks for being my first 🙂 glad you liked it.

  3. Yeah, it’s great. If you take photographs (of you or anyone/anything else that speaks to you) and are interested in submitting to our group with a blurb about you, please be in touch.

  4. Hi Applejaxe, so glad to connect with you! Thanks for the follow. I’ve only read your bio and the latest entry and I’m hooked. I can relate oh-so-well to your situation and fully understand you feeling torn and pulled in two directions. I look forward to more…

    • Hi 🙂 thank you so much for the follow back and taking time to really understand the situation. Nobody gets it unless you truly do it. I hope it all ends well, this short return back and all. This I swear to God will be the last. Speaking of hooked you my dear have a way with words. Great story teller, like I say no shit this is for real 🙂 You did it right, you went big !!!Glad to find you. Lets keep in touch. Glad you made it out.

      • Why, thank you very much. And thanks for the kudos. Allow me to return the favor :-). I know it’s tough, but I can tell you have a good head on your shoulders and are weighing the pros and cons. Keep the faith and make the best decision you can. No one can ever blame you for that.

      • AMEN 🙂 beauty . . . AMEN.

  5. Hi Applejaxe! I’m awarding you the Courage Blogger Award! Congratulations, you deserve it! Enjoy…

    • Thank you so much Stripper X. This literally brought tears to my eyes, I am humbled and so very grateful. Thank you for the support all time and for reading this blog. You are my girl, much love.

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